The Decision is Yours - You Don't Have to Make it Alone

You've just received news of an unexpected pregnancy. Your mind is likely flooded with questions and emotions. How far along am I? Who can I turn to? What are my options? Is this the right time?
We understand the weight of these decisions. That's why we offer comprehensive pregnancy support services to help you process your thoughts, regain a sense of empowerment, and choose a path forward.
After verifying your pregnancy, we provide evidence-based education on all available options, including parenting, adoption and abortion. There are pros and cons to each depending on your unique goals and situation.
While reviewing the options, you'll meet with a patient advocate for an in-depth consultation. They will listen without judgment, encourage you to vocalize your hopes and concerns, and provide tailored guidance based on your needs.
We have a variety of support tools to empower your decision making:
- Decision worksheets to map out your options
- Ongoing meetings with your patient advocate
- Connections to community resources and referrals
- Adoption agency networking
- Financial counseling
- Parenting preparation courses
The choice is yours. We believe once you have information on all the options available, you’ll have the wisdom to make the best decision. We are here to walk alongside you and offer support.
If you decide to continue the pregnancy, we have numerous programs to equip you with the education, skills, and resources to set you up for success. This includes courses on pregnancy health, newborn care, relationships and more.
If you decide to terminate, we can educate you on the procedures as well as the risks and side effects. We also provide reproductive grief counseling.
No matter your decision, our team strives to create an environment of empathy, compassion and understanding. You matter to us. Contact us today to start a thoughtful conversation and get the personalized support you deserve.

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