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“Don’t ever question the value of volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals.” Dave Gynn

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You are cordially invited to
Rise Up To Rescue the Preborn

2023 Fundraising Banquet

Thursday, November 9th, 2023
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay

TrueChoice Medical Clinics is honored to welcome Seth Gruber as our Keynote
Speaker! Click [here] to learn more about our Keynote Speaker
and all other event details.


“Don’t ever question the value of volunteers. Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers;
the Titanic was built by professionals.” Dave Gynn

3 Ways You Can Volunteer for Life

Volunteers are the lifeblood of True Choice Medical Clinics! We are all constantly in need of more volunteers as we grow.

Are you looking to be a part of something meaningful? Join our vibrant team of volunteers that want to use their God-given skills, talents, and experience to save preborn lives and be involved in Kingdom-building work! At True Choice Medical Clinics our volunteers find meaningful opportunities for significance, for value, joy, and a culture of appreciation knowing their contributions add spark to the impact of saving lives.

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Volunteers’ serving in the clinic is a responsibility and an honor. Clinic team members should have the desire to lead with the vision of serving patients facing an unplanned pregnancy with the utmost respect and care, while providing holistic education about the medical aspects of their pregnancy.

True Choice utilizes a team approach to provide high quality, direct patient care and evidence-based education through assessment and assists with point-of-care, diagnostic testing, and treatment. Services include pregnancy testing, STD testing, well-woman exams, medical assessment, and documentation.

  1. LVN, RN or Advance Practitioners (NP, PA, MD): Licensed medical professionals specially trained to provide medical consultation, testing and comprehensive education regarding pregnancy and reproductive health.

  2. Client Advocates: Meet one on one with women facing a pregnancy decision. Provide comfort, care, and education in a non-judgmental environment.

  3. Parenting Mentors:  Encourage and help prepare the mother and/or father-to-be to welcome their new family member with confidence and caring support.

  4. Mobile Clinic Drivers:  Provide safe transport and protection of the mobile clinic and staff while serving in the community with compassionate care.



Plan dynamic outreach events and represent True Choice Medical Clinics as ambassadors to potential supporters while serving in various areas of planning, organization, and hospitality.

  1. Community Outreach Events

  2. Fundraising Events



 Invaluable, behind-the-scenes team member that polishes TCMC’s professional presence and productivity with organizational skills, creativity, and dedication.

  1. General Office Support

  2. Technical Support

  3. Special Projects

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Client testimonials

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Turning Point was there for me at a time when so many things seemed uncertain. Finding out that I was pregnant came at a time when I was "living my best life" and making an effort to figure out what the next "thing" was. I was hundreds of miles away from home and away from anyone who knew me and cared for me, except my dog who I had traveled to California with from Texas. I walked into the office at Turning Point and a series of events transpired that led me to what I now know to be a God-ordered step-up in my life.
This last year, I have experienced some of the most challenging hurdles of my life, but since the beginning, seeing my baby, you were a support system, encouraging me that I could do it.
Thank you guys so much for your service and my first ultrasound. It was a very hard time in my life and I couldn't believe I questioned whether or not to keep him because of how bad my living situation was. But being surrounded by you guys at the center filled me with hope and gave me the happiness I was wanting to feel knowing I was pregnant, and not so much being scared. You guys were so great to me and I appreciate your services so much! I couldn't be more blessed and happy with my baby. I didn't know then that he is exactly the love I was looking for. Even during my days of lacking sleep I just look at him with my heart so full of love.